Junior Tech - Hired

We are looking to add an assistant installer to our team. Someone to work with one of our lead installers hand in hand. 

Qualities we are looking for:

  • Knows how to use power tools
  • Can terminate CAT5 , RG6, RG59, etc
  • Can run wire in new construction and in retrofit situations (attics, basements etc)
  • Keeps a clean work area, cleans up after them selves, and comes keeps them selves clean for work (shaved, proper work attire, etc)
  • Can use a smart phone (likely an iphone) to track job hours and document work activities throughout the day
  • Lives in NYC, preferably close to Brooklyn.
  • Has a valid drivers license

We require our techs to meet daily at our office @ 8am before going out for the day.

email us questions or your resume here