UI / UX Designer - Hired!

We are looking for a designer to help us with a specific project, rethinking the approach to Home Control. We want to create a new iOS app that is fun and easy to use, and we want to keep it fresh, by updating it every 6 months or so over the years.

  • iPhone / iPad Layouts
  • No Coding Necessary / though javascript knowledge is a huge plus
  • Graphically rich / eye pleasing design (think Path, Sparrow, Letterpress, Flipboard, etc)
  • Create a relationship with us so after the project we can work together when updates are needed
  • Work with us to rethink the Home Control work flow
  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Control
  • Security Systems
  • Audio Distribution
  • Audio Servers (Pandora, Spotify etc)
  • Motorized Shades Control
  • AV Control (Cable TV, Apple TV, blu Ray, etc)
  • Encompassing entire homes, multiple rooms of control for each system
We are looking to begin by brainstorming, going over conceptual design flows. Wireframe. Then create graphically rich interface layouts. Once we figure out the design we like, we would need to implement them in to our system (via PNG files).

email us questions or your portfolio here