Window Treatments

Every home needs window treatments. We work with you, and your designer to find the best solution for each room in your home. There are many things to consider besides the final look. How much heat do we want to block, UV Ray blocking that can help protect furniture and rugs, and openness factor which will dictate how much light is let in to the room.

We offer many type of window treatments including rollers, drapery, roman, horizontal sheers, blackouts and more. All of these options can be motorized, or manual. We have done many homes where they have a mix or motorized and manual window treatments, all by the same company. This keeps the continuity of the home in tact. 

The benefits of motorized shades are many. Here are just a few:

Timers - Everyone lives differently, but timers can help everyone. Depending on how you live, you can set your shades to open at sunrise, and close at 8PM. In my bedroom, I have my shades open to 25% at 6AM, then 50% at 615AM, and then all the way up by 630AM. It helps me gradually wake up. 

Heating + Cooling - In the summer months, lowering the shades during certain hours of the day can really help your home stay cool, lowering your energy bill. The opposite in the winter months, making sure your shades are open letting heat in.

Scenes - Having a lot of windows in your house means walking up to every window and pulling on a chain until they go up or down, repeat for every window you want up or down daily. With the press of a button, or by timer, your entire first floor can be open or closed without any effort. 

Lifetime warranty - Crestron offers lifetime warranties on all of their shades and lighting products.