What Siri means today


First i would like to address Siri going down last week. It was unavailable for part of a day and it got some bad attention.

Apple clearly stated Siri is a beta as of right now.
I know beta has lost most meaning since all google products are permanently in beta…. but just to be clear, Apple did not say Siri was 100% ready to go. They said its still in beta.

I also noticed a few people are unimpressed with Siri, and I believe those people don’t realize how to take advantage of such a tool. A tool like this has never existed for the masses, and I can understand if people can’t yet grasp the usefulness of such a tool.

I played with my moms 4s over the weekend (i don't have one yet!) and Siri is really really a handy tool for daily events, and it will only become more useful over time.

examples of conversations that i had with it:

Me: where am i? 
Siri: (shows me a map with a blue location dot w/o leaving siri interface)

Me: what am i doing today:
Siri: ok here's your appointment (shows me my appointment in siri interface)

Me: what am i doing on monday:
Siri: shows me my monday appointment for 8am 

Me: can you change that to 9:
(notice i didn't say the word appointment, i didn't say am or pm, and i didn't say what day i was talking about)
Siri: ok i changed your appointment to 9am, is that right?
Me: cancel

Me: do i have any new emails:
Siri: you have 25 new emails (then brings up those new emails in sirs interface)

Me: read my new email:
Siri: I’m sorry i can't do that right now

Me: do i have any new text messages?
Siri: you have one new text message from *******

Me: read it to me:
Siri: (it reads it to me)

Me: tell ***** That ill be there in 10 minutes:
Siri: ok, this is your text message, should i sent it?

Me: start a kitchen timer for 20 minutes:
Siri: ok heres your timer (shows timer counting down in siri interface)

Me: is it going to be nice out today:
Siri: ok heres the weather for Long Branch, NJ Today (shows weather with hourly forecast in siri interface)

10 minutes later
Me: start a kitchen timer for 25 minutes
Siri: you already have a timer running, should i make a new one or extend the existing one (shows existing timer in siri interface)
Me: extend it

Me: take a note, i need to test siri more later
Siri: ok i made this note for you (shows note in siri interface)

Me: remind me when i leave my house to call joey:
Siri: ok i created this reminder for you (shows reminder in siri interface "call joey" and it shows that it will remind me when i leave location: home)

Me: siri whats 2x10:
Siri: brings up the answer from Wolfram Alpha

Me: siri, my wifes name is Marilyn
Siri: ok, from now on i will remember that your wifes name is Marilyn *****

Me: siri call my wife
Siri: ok, calling marilyn

Me: im hungry
Siri: ok, i found these restaurants near by (brings up a list of restaurants)

Me: Kosher
Siri: (siri narrows down the list to kosher ones nearby)

Me: siri open the pod bay doors (space odyssey 2001 reference)
Siri: I’m sorry lilly (my moms name), i afraid i can't do that.
are you happy now?

Me: siri open the pod bay doors
Siri: us intelligent agents will never live that down, apparently 
(she gets sassy some times)

Me: siri tell me a joke:
Siri: i can't, i always forget the punch line

Me: siri tell me the meaning of life:
Siri: 42 (hitch hikers guide to the universe reference)

(thanks for the correction Pat Irwin! )

credit to  MG Sigler