regarding the iPhone 5

things that im now realizing and happy about.

  • HD voice - seems to be a new technology that apple is pioneering that the cell phone companies will embrace. sprint said their network wont support it yet but im assuming verizon and att will support it. im all for clearer phone calls.
  • 20% lighter and thinner - yes!!! 
    as an iphone owner ive thought to myself what they could do to make the phone better for me and all i could think of was lighter and thinner and a better camera. im not sure if the camera is better or not (looks to be same camera but hightly tweaked), but im all for lighter and thinner
  • better battery even with 4G ! 
    thats awesome. i doubt it will be the battery life we are all craving for, but having equal to or better battery time on a now 4G device and a bigger screen is great to see. usually 4G is a battery hog, and usually the bigger the screen the worse the battery life.
  • panorama photos - no big deal. im sure it will be great, but we had apps that did this already. nice ot have it built in.
  • the headphones look to be a world better then the old ones, and come with a carrying case. 
  • faster - its a faster phone. that means faster opening of emails, web browsing, faster launching of apps, less waiting, better gaming. i like faster.
  • more speakers and microphones - this just means better all around voice quality on the phone regardless of HD voice. it now has 3 mics which it can use for background noise canceling, better video chat, better speaker phone chat. and the built in speakers are now more advanced for better sound. i like that.
  • passbook - this one isnt a hardware feature but im really excited about it. i think ill use it daily... starbucks! flights! gym (ok i dont goto the gym), market, toys r us, babies r us... its endless and i like it. im sure nfc would be cool one day but this seems really smart. you walk in to an airport and passbook already has your flights ticket in it. it knows you are in the airport, so it automatically puts the ticket on your lock screen. you dont even have to unlock your phone to use it as a ticket when boarding or going through security etc.
  • the build quality looks to be insane. i cant wait to actually see the way the screen and the edges line up.

i think thats it.
so a faster, thinner, lighter phone. its better all around by at least 20%. im happy with that. its not groundbreaking, but its still going to be a great upgrade.