HOW TO: How do i view my iPad on my TV?

Great question.. and very easily if you have an Apple TV!

  • Make sure you are on your homes wifi network.
  • Turn on your TV to your Apple TV.
  • Double click the iPads home button (physical button below screen).
  • You will see a row of icons (recent apps) on the bottom of the screen;
  • Scroll to the far left of this row to reveal the AirPlay icon.
  • Click the AirPlay icon, choose your Apple TV from the list (if you have more then one apple tv, you will see them in the list).
  • When you choose the Apple TV, you will see the option to Mirror. Turn that on.
  • Viola! You should now see an exact mirror of your iPad on your tv.
  • When you are done, follow the same instructions above, but turn mirroring Off.
AirPlay icon circled in red.

AirPlay icon circled in red.