Advantages of a Lighting System: Analytics

Lighting systems can do a lot for you, but one simple benefit is the energy usage breakdown. This simple bit of information gives us the insight to adjust programming, and maximize efficiency. 

Looking at a client's recent analytics, we realized the lights inside certain bathrooms and closets were on almost half of the entire week. We emailed the client with this information, and offered to adjust programming so the lights shut off automatically after a certain amount of time in those rooms.

The client's response was perfect:

"That’s amazing analytics! Yes I agree with your suggestions below…especially after getting my electric bill!"

Looking at how you use a system, and making it work for you, is a huge benefit of having a lighting system. The client will save money, and better yet, waste less energy.

This lighting system gives you the ability to create a completely customized solution, based on your specific daily requirements. The result is less wasted energy, less wasted time, and less money spent on your electricity bill.