HELP: My iPhone is warning me "Not enough storage, Can't Backup"


With your free iCloud account, you get 5GB of storage at no cost. Your device backs up nightly to iCloud and is eating away at that 5GB limit.

You have a few options. The best one being to upgrade your iCloud account. You can pay to upgrade it by going to your settings app, choosing iCloud, scrolling down to Storage and Backup. You will see "Change Storage Plan". You can upgrade from there and it will charge your iTunes account.

The other option is to adjust what your device backs up nightly. Your photos is likely taking up most of the space.  If you want to go the free way then i recommend connecting your device to your computer, importing your photos and then deleting photos from your phone. You should be doing this occasionally.

You can tell iCloud not to backup your photos at all.

Goto settings app, iCloud, Storage and Backup, Manage Storage. 

Then you want to choose a backup to edit (iPhone or iPad).

At that point you will see all the apps that is backed up nightly. Uncheck all the apps you dont care about. The photos app is usually the biggest one.


HOW TO: How do i backup my iPhone with iCloud?

You want to make sure your iPhone or iPad is backed up at all times. You can do that by either connecting your device to a computer, running iTunes, and letting it back up, or via iCloud.

The downside of doing it through iTunes is that you only backup every time you connect to your computer. So if you don't connect for a month, you don't have a recent backup.

iCloud backup backs up your entire device nightly to apples servers. Lets get to the setup.

  • Turn on your iPhone (same for iPad), open up the Settings App. Scroll down until you see iCloud. Choose it.
  • You will see the screen on the right. You want to create a new iCloud account. Its free and takes less then five minutes. Choose a new iCloud email address and password, and make sure to write that info down somewhere.
  • After you set up the new iCloud account, make sure to check all items to ON in the list. More importantly though, scroll to the bottom and choose Backup and Storage.
  • On the next screen, turn iCloud Backup On.

Now every time you put your device to charge, and wifi is on, it will back up your entire phone daily.

If you ever lose your device or need a new one, when setting up the new device it will ask you if you want to set it up as a new device, or if you want to restore a backup from iCloud.

Choose restore from iCloud and you will see your backups from your old device. It will then restore everything back on to your new device.

iCloud Settings

iCloud Settings

iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup