HOW TO: Stream Audio via AirPlay

You can wirelessly stream audio from your iOS device or mac directly to any AirPlay enabled device. 

AirPlay devices can be an Apple TV, the Airport Express, or other 3rd party audio devices that implement apples AirPlay technology. 

To stream audio to an airplay enabled device, launch any audio app on your iOS device such as the music app, pandora, or spotify. Start playing some music.

  • Swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards. This will bring up the "Control Center" which will allow you to adjust your brightness, turn wifi on and off, choose your AirPlay source, among other handy settings.
  • Click on the AirPlay menu, and choose which AirPlay device you want to stream to.
  • If it's an Apple TV, you can turn on "Mirroring" to see your device's screen mirrored to the apple tv. 
  • When you want to stop AirPlay streaming, repeat the process, but this time when pressing the AIrPlay menu, choose your device at the top of the menu, or just stop the music as you normally would.

Updated instructions and images for iOS 7